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A scary outdoor adventure

We posted on our Facebook page:

Check out a fellow CS’ers scariest outdoor adventure. How about yours? “The Scariest moment in my life when i was fishing down by the dam in oklahoma. I was about 15, this place was cool, we had all these huge boulders you could climb on and play around in. when it was time to leave you can’t just trek straight up and over these boulders some were as high as 9 to 15 feet high. well instead of walking the path that had been layed down already i decided to trek up and over well i got a point where i trek to high where you could either fall down onto areas where you could just keep falling and break somthing and no one could get you out with just hands and feet you had to have rope or somthing to do it. well luckly my father and a friend helped out and got me out of there. i thought i was gonna get left behind”

Some comments we received:

Comment #1: My scariest moment came when I was face to face with a bear. We just stood there looking at each other. A loud noise scared both of us and we both ran in different directions. The noise was an Elk and it was rut season.

Comment #2: My scariest outdoor adventure was when i rolled a golf cart down a huge hill with me and my buddy inside it, it threw us out then landed on us, concussions, bruised hip, sprained ankle, a few gash’s, and the craziest part was agter all of that, it still drove haha!

Comment #3: I’ve woken up to find fresh brown bear tracks through one of our camp sights. It had to have been pretty recent, well past dawn, as we could still smell it in the area. Two people were awake, and neither saw or heard it. The rest of the …weekend, nobody strayed too far from one of the guides with 12ga slugs. Luckily, I have yet to encounter a brown or black bear face-to-face, except at the zoo. I hope to keep it that way.

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