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Adding new things to your bug out bag

We posted on our Facebook page:

Kirk W. Goodman asked below: “Do any of you keep adding new things to your bug out bag, or do you leave it stored away? I’m always finding new stuff to add to mine.”

Some comments we received:

Comment #1: Yes. I now have 2 BOBs. The first one is small and light weight to exit the city/suburbania. The second (my original one) is stashed away in a location I can get to on foot after 2 or 3 days. That one is around 90-100 lbs.

Comment #2: We go through them every quarter – pull out anything that’s outdated and add in any new items we’ve found. Keeps them fresh and helps remind us what’s in each bag.

Comment #3: The more uses I can get out of something the more priority it has in my pack. keeping the weight down is a high priority also the relative cost of the items should be as low as possible so that if they are lost or stolen I’m not out much and I can easily reproduce a similar bag with similar gear options. I make my own knife and sheath for example… from an old file and whatever is on hand. Live with the gear and use it. Test it. Abuse it and then improve it.

Comment #4: Yes (with my head bowed in shame). I am a ‘gear junkie’. I have gone from a Bug Out Bag to a Bug Out Trunk. I just can’t quit. Soon I’ll have a Bug Out Semi. I admitted my guilt and have sought help. I’m enrolled in Gear Junkies Anonymous and I’ll be working hard to get my gear back down to a reasonable level and weight.

Comment #5: Very 4 months. Always looking for better, smaller, lighter. Cycle perishables with new. Last inventory I added 6 new sucher kits to the first aid kit, a saw back machete replacing the heavy WW1 bayonet and a folding bow saw to replace a folding saw which wasn’t very efficient. Done til April.

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