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Best all around hiking, climbing, walking, survival, camping boot

We posted on our Facebook page:

Dustin Craig asked: “What’s the best all around hiking, climbing, walking, survival, camping boot? One that keeps your feet warm & dry & are extremely comfortable to wear and walk extended lengths?”

Some comments we received:

Comment #1:  Everyone’s feet are different. I love Merrell and The North Face. The North Face seems to run narrow in the women’s, not sure about men’s. My hubby will wear nothing but Merrell. My advice is: If it isn’t comfortable when you try it on, don’t let them convince you that it needs “broken in”. What’s gonna break in is your foot. It needs to be comfortable right off the bat.

Comment #2:  Love my Merrills. Up & Down Tuckerman Ravine & many others, plus they get me thru Boston every day. Extreme cold weather & H2O proof. 4 years old & they look brand new.

Comment #3:  Depends on the person and activity. My hiking boot isn’t my backpacking boot. Hiking with a light pack versus backpacking with a heavy pack requires different support. Personally, hiking are my GoLites, backpacking is my Scarpas, cold weather is my Danners, really cold is my Sorels. As someone already said , what feels best on your foot. Don’t ignore uncomfortableness from the get go and all boots regardless of how comfortable should be broken in before any long trip.

Comment #4:  I’ve been using leather work boots for several years now. The only time they’ve failed me was the first pair, that I put away wet and they got moldy, but they could still be salvaged for a rough round the farm boot, I just wouldn’t walk long distances in them. I haven’t climbed in them though, got climbing shoes for that.

Comment #5:  I’m a fan of Danners! Years in a plywood mill, fishing, hiking, camping, farming, and ranching. I’ve also noticed most all the local cops wearing them. They stand abuse well. I’ve walked mine through puddles of diesel, hydraulic oil, caustics, chemicals, mud, rocks, and cow shit for years and they’re still comfortable and holding up nicely.

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