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Preparations for camping with pets

Monday, April 27th, 2015



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  • And plenty of water, a first aid kit, leash, crate, towel, dog bone and toys.
  • Make sure she has her food, her bed, and plenty of fresh air

Diagrams for camping

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015…/absolutely-essential-diagrams-you…




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  • oh so pretty !!
  • Can’t wait for camping and fishing.
  • These are great! I used to have them downloaded on my phone, but that proved unreliable.
  • I’d like that picture without the words on it to use as my desktop wallpaper.
  • Great list…

A night around the camp fire

Thursday, March 19th, 2015



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  • Now thats fun!!
  • Right On!!
  • Unless it was the gun and rod club…
  • Most definitely!
  • it says camping survival woman, those are all men, just saying

How to Camp

Thursday, March 19th, 2015





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  • No, stay there for as long as you wish.
  • I’d say stay until you’ve seen everything!
  • And leave the bullspit at home.
  • so wait all those times i was out all night fighting brushfires i was really camping who knew?
  • I knew you were smarter than your dad!! Ha
  • How about stay there until next week?
  • Love it
  • If you’re in Maine you have to add don’t freeze!
  • Lol!
  • My kinda camping !!!
  • I can’t wait til it’s warm enough to camp…..
  • That is if you can find the darn tent under the snow!

How long would you stay here?

Thursday, February 26th, 2015



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  • Until I die!
  • For a very long time!
  • a month
  • A week …
  • Arrive with joy, leave with pain in my hart…
  • Forever.
  • Out high I could stay a couple days, then I would need to go camping!
  • I would start with a week and go from there!
  • Forever!
  • A lifetime
  • The rest of my life.
  • more than c
  • I’d say realistically, until winter.
  • Forever
  • forever
  • C definetly C!
  • A long time….
  • (D) all the above
  • Weeks and Weeks.
  • Looks fairly 3 season to me.
  • two weeks
  • Gorgeous
  • a lifetime!
  • at least a week
  • A Week.
  • b
  • At least a week.
  • C, a I week or longer. Especially if it was in that spot, away from the all the craziness.
  • LOVE. IT!!!

Inflate an Airbed without a pump

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Good trick?



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  • only works if your air mattress has a one way valve
  • It would be a huge pain without the valve. This is a good tip for cold weather camping and thermorest pads. You don’t want to breathe into them and introduce moisture into the insulation.
  • It would take ages
  • Just hook it up to your wife. Who needs another kind of big bag of air?
  • Nice trick. Good for when the batts die. If you absolutely need to use it. Personally I always end up on the ground anyways. Lol
  • only if youre not in survival mode.

Camping Tricks

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Try any of these yet?




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  • Interesting!
  • Poke weed that is posoins .read up if I am wrong. .let me know .

5 Billion star hotel!

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Any stars planned for your weekend?




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  • We don’t get offered crises, they arrive.
  • i’m loving it. but no plans but we should get the boys together one night out in the big blue
  • yes
  • Lyzwa ‘Stars’
  • Love the 5 billion stas!!
  • I’m in for the 5 billion stars!!
  • I’m in for the five billion star hotel!!

George goes camping

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Any tips for George based upon this image?




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  • Don’t eat blue grass
  • Stop monkeying around
  • Have a good time.
  • Put pants on.
  • Do you have a ground cloth?
  • Catch that squirrel! Protein is important!
  • Should have bought a free standing tent
  • Kill the squirrel, a monkeys gotta eat
  • Gee how about splitting the rope into and staking on all 4 corners of the tent
  • Curious George and the electric fence. Curious George visits the alligator preserve.
  • Make tea with the flower
  • get paracord or call u for a bug out bag or tent information
  • Nope…he has everything !! A shelter…BBQ squirel and flower salad…All is OK !!
  • never let a monkey pitch your tent.
  • Put shoes on for working and walking around, hazards abound!
  • Quit monkeying around! It’s getting dark.

Winter Camping?

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Winter is almost here. Do you go winter camping and why?




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  • no skeeters!
  • Yes and because no one else will be there lol
  • Going camping 11/7-11/9. We go in the winter because nobody else does.
  • Yes , because nature has 4 seasons ❄
  • Camp fires, warm drinks, hearty soups, less bugs, less people, cooler weather let’s me hike farther…
  • Who would do such crazy chit….?
  • No bugs
  • Yes – I love waking up to fresh snow and a warm fire
  • No bugs and less people.
  • I have done many winter camps from using nylon and canvas tents and a tepee. With proper planning it is a blast!
  • I plan to this year. Proper gear is essential though. Don’t try sleeping in 18 degrees in a “30 degree” bag. Trust me.
  • What are some good tips for staying warm?

Camping trips

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014



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  • Could have chosen a better photo for this one, folks, as I’m pretty sure this is NOT a recreational situation, but rather a representation of a bleaker time in history.
  • Wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!

Where would you set up came?

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Where would you set up camp and why?




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  • I would probably set up in a cave along the side. Top to cold and exposed, bottom is open to flash flooding and animals…
  • Looks like you’re standing in my camp now.
  • NE PA because the police will never find me there.
  • Lower right , if there’s a safe way down. Green means a chance of water. And you want off the top out of the weather.
  • At the holiday inn, because I hate bugs
  • why are you on a camping survival site??? Just curious
  • Not on the edge and not down inside the valley. Would have to keep the high ground. Boulders falling from the side would elimate a cave for me not to mention flash floods coming down the walls.
  • as close to a water source as possible. because water !
  • I would prefer a better look around first, but based just on the photo above, which doesen’t indicate a safe way down, I would try to find a big rock close to where the pic was taken to build my shelter against and to reflect heat from the fire.
  • Wow can’t say …it’s all soo beautiful
  • In a large hole in the canyon wall. I could see enemy coming, protected from the elements, wouldn’t be flooded in case of rain and I would be able to climb up and out if need be.
  • In that hole to the right. Ben covered the why fairly well.
  • To teach the Scouts how to camp there safely!
  • Probably really close to where I stood to take this picture
  • depends on my motivation for being there……set camp as close to wall as possible to offer wind and falling rock protection, while allowing me to reach water that could be located at the bottom….most likely along the western side, to take advantage of the rising sun………but without any motivation, I would say as close to the nearest road as possible…..
  • Anywhere i can roll out my swag
  • Right there is just fine.
  • looks about right there…
  • Lower to the right. Near water–see the green stuff! Also in front of what ever u can get in front of due to falling rocks. Also trees/bushes for a fire to stay warm and cook and leave one or to emergency exit routes.
  • So, Camping Survival, do we get to hear your answer?
  • 100 yards from the edge
  • No where it’s boxed in
  • Up on the Mesa where the sun shines.
  • probably doesn’t matter, it doesn’t look like there’s any evidence of frequent flooding. I’d probably set up camp in the basin.
  • Half way up the northern slope, it’s a box canyon so no flooding from a far off storm, if there is water you wouldn’t be too far from it, snakes would most likely be in the rock ledges (which would also help protect against rock falls) cliff would shield you from winds and smoke would either head towards or away from mouth of canyon.

Glow sticks on tent pegs

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Try this yet?




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  • Never drink a glowing beer !
  • Great Legs !!
  • I just put the tent away from where I will be walking.
  • wasteful
  • Finally!!
  • What is that in there? Light stick?
  • That’s about all Mike’s is good for lol

Doing Camping wrong

Thursday, October 16th, 2014



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  • *You’re* doing it wrong.
  • Just because you’re wasted and your head is on fire, there’s no excuse for poor grammar.
  • This is gonna be one of us next time. Haha. Luis Hernandez Lorenzo Hernandez Alexis Hernandez Christopher Gonzales Arnold Cadena Stephen Valenzuela Bryan Meza.
  • learning to spell is fundamental… It’s grammAr, not grammEr… And people wonder why the country is falling apart…
  • Grammar and spelling. “You’re” doing it “wrong”
  • Dumb people make good firewood…
  • That’s going to leave a mark!
  • Yeah well at least I never fell in the fire not to say i didn’t grab a stick that was on fire!
  • Haha that’s a good night of camping Santino DiLillo…know you’ve been there a time or
  • What goes in the fire stays in the fire.
  • Lmao
  • Hey Dave, pull the stick out of your butt, Mr. Grammer Police……NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why does someone always fall in fire ?
  • omg!!! i bet that hurt… gezzzzz…
  • Still have the scars on my head from way back.
  • And it all ended with ‘hold my beer I got this’
  • wtf is worng is it like Glamping but you are on fire ?
  • Hot headed.
  • I hate when this happens

Emergency blanket over tent

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Ever try this?




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  • Yep
  • Or reflect it back to ur tent on those cold days
  • I place one between the tent and the rain cover to reflect daytime heat and keep the tent warm at night, not to mention sunrise isn’t too early .
  • Put them inside, pointing down, during winter and any tent can be heated with a “tea light” candle!
  • I have put a couple on the inside to try and keep our body heat in
  • A little late to post now
  • yes,
  • your tent warranty, does not cover damage by the suns UV rays. I use a 16 x 20′ tarp over my 8 1/2 x 10 1/4′ tent.
  • Securing it is the tricky part!
  • nope, but it sounds like a good idea
  • Nope, but it sounds like a great idea.
  • I ‘ve done!!….it better under the tent cover so it doesn’t fly away in the wind….then you can use a couple tarps over that!