Survival books

We posted on our Facebook page:

Shannon Cheshier posted below: “What books on Survival would y’all suggest? Two that I would suggest are – “Bushcraft a serious guide to survival and camping” by Richard Graves along with “Outdoorsman’s Handbook” by Clyde Ormond – Neither of these are modern books but both were first published in the 1970′s.”
Some comments we received:

Comment #1: The SAS Survival Handbook by Wiseman, and Special Forces Survival Manual by McNab. The McNab book is a bit smaller in size for a pack, or you can search high and low for t

Comment #2: HOW TO SURVIVE ON LAND AND SEA,,,,,BY Frank C. Craighead Jr., and John J. Craighead,,,,,,,Revised by Ray E. Smith and D. Shiras Jarvis.,,,,,,,,,ONE OF THE BEST READS AVAILIBLE ON THIS SUBJECT,,,,,,,,,,

Comment #3: “Naked in the Wilderness” and any special forces survival guide.

Comment #4: “Bushcraft” by Mors Kochanski and “How to Stay Alive in the Woods” by Bradford Angiers.


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