Starting a Fire In The Rain

How to start a fire in the rain:

Photo: How to start a fire in the rain:

A Few Comments:

  • If there’s any pine around, you’ll have what you need for at least a small fire, even in rain. Old, dry creekbeds will yield plenty of aged, dry wood–even if it’s been raining for a bit. Lots of people don’t think to check the high ground in rivers and streams where the silt has gathered into sandbars and wood has gotten naturally stacked. That wood can be very dry. It seems counterintuitive so people don’t think of it.
  • Part of me wants to click the link…but another part is afraid that it’ll just open a new tab that says “With difficulty”….
  • make ur own fire cubes…. parafin wax lighter fluid soaked very course saw dust and an ice cube tray… bam done lol (rainy day survival…… love and HATE my dad for it lol)
  • Requires prior preparation. Try starting one with no supplies but a lighter and a knife. I’ve done it but it ain’t easy
  • this reminds me of hiking in pictured rocks.
  • Huge chunks of pine pitch matted in pine needles and small twigs will make a fire every single time in the rain so, I won’t even bother clicking on the link.

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