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Food Storage Beginner

We posted on our Facebook page:

Do you have any good tips for newbies that want to start shopping for food storage?

Some comments we received:

Comment#1: start with what you can afford, i.e. maybe just get one long term item each time you shop. Things like beans, lentals will keep a long time and are a good staple to any pantry.

Comment#2: I started with bulk items in 5 gallon buckets of Rice,beans,salt,sugar, flour,corn meal and bulk yeast. This is not fancy or sexy but could provide many meals for a long time. PS check with local bakeries for used 5 gallon buckets.

Comment#3: Start a personal seed bank and learn how to garden well at the same time you’re thinking about food storage. Food storage will run out, your gardening and seed saving are perpetual sources of food.

Comment#4: Start with things you eat. Buy double when you go shopping for non-perishable items. If your family is large and you can’t afford to double up, then use $10 a week to buy staples. This week rice, next beans, next pasta and sauce or canned goods. Food storage needs to contain items you know how to cook and things your family will like. I want to do what I can to keep even a bit of normalcy for my family when emergency strikes. Food can be one of the ways to emotionally stabilize those I love so I plan to keep things in this area as “normal” as possible.

Comment#5: Like others have said, store what you like to eat, stuff you know your kids will eat. Look at spices, salt, sugar, flour. Water of course, most important. Seeds are also important but only if you have a prepared garden area and the stuff to can them when they do produce. (I plan on 1 1/2 yrs of produce per season, ie Sept ’11-May’13). MRE’s are ok for a short term bug out situation, I have only a 3 day supply of them, mostly for the convience of quick prep. Coupon it, BOGO(buy one, get one) sales, know what goes on sale at what times(winter holidays: veges and gravies etc, Lent: Tuna, winter: soups) Just remember to rotate, FIFO, (first in, first out).



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