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Mayan Culture 2012 Predictions

We posted on our Facebook page:

In this article an archaeologist and specialist in Mayan culture explains why the Mayans did not, in fact, predict the end of the world in 2012: What do you think?

Some comments we received:

Comment #1: I think that there’s so much mis information being spread around on all sides of a particular subject, all over the internet these days…pick just one controversial subject, look it up on the internet, and guaranteed, there will be points …of view refuting other points of view, then points of view that change the discussion all together…my point is this, we really don’t know anything at all, all we really know is how to survive our daily lives and choose to prepare for the unexpected.

Comment #2: Well, I am Christian, so Mayan predictions don’t mean much to me. I try as best I can to live by my faith, so it’s interesting but also scary that SO MANY people are scared of something as simple as a fiftieth party stone calendar. Nothing ever said anything about the “end of the world”…the prophecy talked about “the end of an era/age”. People were ready to hang themselves over Y2K also…so…just sayin’.

Comment #3: Even if they did, what of it? You’ll notice that they weren’t waiting on the beach when the Spanish arrived to say “The Spirit In The Sky says you can’t stop here. The Incans are just down the coast a bit, maybe they’ll buy what you’re selling.” They got wiped out and didn’t see it coming. How does that make them experts on prophesy?

Comment #4: Nope. Maybe a great change, but not the end. I believe either the rest went missing, something happened and they couldn’t finish, or more than likely they said “we have to end somewhere.”

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