Tent From Drop Cloth

Check out this tent made from 9×12 drop cloth. What do you think? (We found this image, but it didn’t come with the original source…it is from a periodical of some sort…not sure of the year but it’s not recent.)


Commenter 1: “Here is a link that might be helpful. http://www.equipped.com/tarp-shelters.htm

Commenter 2: “I like it, and it would make very good use of a strangely decent-quality tarp I just picked up for an insanely low price of $2. I’m 6’1″, so it might be a little snug.”

Commenter 3: “Its from a book of a dead author called how to make your own hiking and camping gear. The book also shows you how to make backpacks and many other things with a sewing machine.”

Commenter 4: “A similar pattern is called a WHELAN.”


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