New and Improved website!

New and Improved website!

We Have Recently Launched Our New Website!!! www, Come check out our New and Improved website! We hope you are as excited as we are. Help [more…]
You’ll Never Guess Which City is the King of Urban Gardening

You’ll Never Guess Which City is the King of Urban Gardening

“Detroit’s community gardens now produce 200 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables per year, “
10% Off Dental Kits

10% Off Dental Kits  
I Tried To Cook Something From Scratch and Ended Up Summoning a Demon

I Tried To Cook Something From Scratch and Ended Up Summoning a Demon

  Top Facebook Comments: Was it a recipe for deviled eggs? Demons are hard to shove back in the pot too! A common problem…but still [more…]
Heart of the Tree

Heart of the Tree

Top Facebook Comments: What is it? The heart of the tree. So cool!!      

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    Harbor is safe..


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    Essential vitamins and minerals


    Useful?     Top Facebook Comments: There’s no bacon. “Very useful”

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    Forest be with you.


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  • Humvee climbing vertical


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  • Hidden bed secret passageway


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  • Paracord in stock


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  • 2 Raccoons and a Coyote

    01/20/2015   Top Facebook Comments: Now we know what the fox AND the raccoon says… A coon is pound [more…]

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    School should teach gardening


    Yay or nay?   Top Facebook Comments: 110% YES! During the first and second world wars Americans were encouraged [more…]

  • Dirty kids


    Dirty kids or clean kids?   Top Facebook Comments: Mud baths are the best. Thats the problem these days [more…]

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    Emotional bond with onions


    We just enjoyed this.     Top Facebook Comments: funny!!!! lol But I love my onions, I can’t live [more…]

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    Don’t live the same year


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    Canning Chart



  • flint

    Flint the squirrel

    01/17/2015 Do you know who this is yet? Meet Flint the survival squirrel. Coming soon. We’re pretty excited!     [more…]

  • New hover craft


    What do you think?   Top Facebook Comments: Finally, the solution to my commuting problems… if I were 5″ [more…]

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  • Gum wrapper battery firestarter

    01/30/2015…/     Top Facebook Comments: He learned that from prison inmates lol Try this at the Suites trying [more…]

  • Handy Bath Wipes


  • DIY Plastic storage bins


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  • Feeding puppies


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  • Water powered rotissary


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  • Teamwork


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  • Storage out of bottle tops


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