You’ll Never Guess Which City is the King of Urban Gardening

You’ll Never Guess Which City is the King of Urban Gardening

“Detroit’s community gardens now produce 200 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables per year, “
10% Off Dental Kits

10% Off Dental Kits  
I Tried To Cook Something From Scratch and Ended Up Summoning a Demon

I Tried To Cook Something From Scratch and Ended Up Summoning a Demon

  Top Facebook Comments: Was it a recipe for deviled eggs? Demons are hard to shove back in the pot too! A common problem…but still [more…]
Heart of the Tree

Heart of the Tree

Top Facebook Comments: What is it? The heart of the tree. So cool!!      

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    Yoders Bacon


    Yup. It’s real, amazingly good and simply a better deal than the local grocery store as its already cooked. [more…]

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    Deer stocking


    Any thoughts on this?   Top Facebook Comments: Here is the story from River Bottom Pursuits….. OK PEOPLE !!!! THIS [more…]

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    Dogs fart when you have company


    Ok, not exactly CampingSurvival but we mostly seem to enjoy pets and hey it’s Friday. Enjoy.     Top [more…]

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    Button Tin


    Some of us may still have one, but what other things have many of us lost in just one [more…]

  • What_if_plans

    What if plans…


  • Harbor Patrol


    How’s your job this morning?  

  • Survival condo sold out


    Sold out?

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    Is your bike important?


    How important is your bike to you?     Top Facebook Comments: she cant build a shelter and he [more…]

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    Radiation 100 miles from California


    Any thoughts on this?     Top Facebook Comments: Hype and scare. Lol, we’re so ****ed. It was only [more…]

  • Freezer-Urban

    Freezer Tip


  • Plan ahead Quote


    “Never walk away from your home ahead of your axe and sword. You can’t feel a battle in your [more…]

  • Ham


    5 years or more. Yea really and it’s good, tasty food. At this price stock up and enjoy. We even [more…]

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    Just because we have great bacon!     Top Facebook Comments: SHIPPING APOS ? Yes but depending on the [more…]

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    All of this talk of bugout bags. Do you have a get home bag and (help out the newbies) [more…]

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    meteor shower


    Look up!     Top Facebook Comments: nice! saw one in florida too. i got lucky enough to experience [more…]

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    Skipping Rocks

    10/26/2014     Top Facebook Comments: Very cool That fart tho I love the pure joy he shares. Awesome!! [more…]

  • Large Redwood Removal


    Some of us might enjoy this video we found on SurvivalBlog today.     Top Facebook Comments: To bad [more…]

  • These are HOT!(New MRE Heater Video)


    These are HOT!     Top Facebook Comments: How much are they? You guys should give away some free [more…]

  • Live Forever Video


    Do you know live forever yet?  

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    Truck driver determined to get the job done


    This is someone determined to get their job done!     Top Facebook Comments: I love loggers. They are [more…]

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    Mating Butterflies


    Had to share this vid from our friend 7Song Great way to start Friday!