New and Improved website!

New and Improved website!

We Have Recently Launched Our New Website!!! www, Come check out our New and Improved website! We hope you are as excited as we are. Help [more…]
You’ll Never Guess Which City is the King of Urban Gardening

You’ll Never Guess Which City is the King of Urban Gardening

“Detroit’s community gardens now produce 200 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables per year, “
10% Off Dental Kits

10% Off Dental Kits  
I Tried To Cook Something From Scratch and Ended Up Summoning a Demon

I Tried To Cook Something From Scratch and Ended Up Summoning a Demon

  Top Facebook Comments: Was it a recipe for deviled eggs? Demons are hard to shove back in the pot too! A common problem…but still [more…]
Heart of the Tree

Heart of the Tree

Top Facebook Comments: What is it? The heart of the tree. So cool!!      

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    Don’t follow the path quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson


      Top Facebook Comments: Hansel and Gretel….I’m just sayin’ And get eaten by wildlife. . Wooh! One of my [more…]

  • Happy cows


    Happy cows in Kansas.   Top Facebook Comments: Reminds me of etch a sketch. Yeah it’s a cool trick [more…]

  • Oldest gardening manual

    Oldest gardening manual



  • 1604537_1042491879098442_6098177151235919059_n

    Making Homemade Medicines


    Great info from our friends at the Wilderness Learning Center.

  • Laughing at soldier memorial

    02/23/2015…/     Top Facebook Comments: People are so disrespectful. Thank you Soldier for setting them staight. My hat [more…]

  • Shark


    This’ll get the blood pumping.   Top Facebook Comments: Well thru this short video we can see that he [more…]

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    Birch Trees


    From our friends at the Wilderness Learning Center.     Top Facebook Comments: awesome nise Fascinating I see BIRCH [more…]

  • Large-Rotisserie-Pit-BBQ

    DIY BBQ pit


    What do you think?…/  

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  • Survival starts by paying attention..


    Great quote on SurvivalBlog today! “Survival starts by paying attention to what is close at hand and immediate. To [more…]

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    Pessimist complains quote by John Maxwell


      Top Facebook Comments: Lol Looks like durdle door Id like you all to know how fitting this post [more…]

  • Horse clip


    Do you ride? Good skill and experience to have?   Top Facebook Comments: This horse acts like it was [more…]

  • Eat garlic every day?


    Great idea! Do you eat garlic every day? If so, why?   Top Facebook Comments: Works beautifully! I did [more…]

  • Dodge vs. Landrover


    Who do you think wins?     Top Facebook Comments: The Dodge isn’t in 4 wheel drive. It’s what [more…]

  • Bear in the garage


    Haven’t seen this before.     Top Facebook Comments: I’ve cats in my attic and on top of the [more…]

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  • Chevrolet Motor Company presents..


    We just enjoyed this.   Top Facebook Comments: Pretty cool! thats when they real cars made out of US [more…]

  • These dogs are good helpers!


    Man of us know that our animals are a big part of our preparedness plan. Here’s a good helper! [more…]

  • Smart dog!


    Little S**t!   Top Facebook Comments: Look who just became a outside dog. Of course its a Beagle! That [more…]

  • What would you do if this happened?


    What would you do?     Top Facebook Comments: Call 911 and ask why road is blocked. I sure [more…]

  • Chlor-Floc Information


    Do you know Chlor-Floc?     Top Facebook Comments: Nice!

  • Pour olive oil into a can of coke…


    What do you think?…/     Top Facebook Comments: love it, great info ! You also can use a [more…]

  • National Geographic clip

    02/28/2015   Top Facebook Comments: I hope he wasn’t rude and ate the penguins lolol since they’re dead anyways, don’t [more…]