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Prepared for all Environments

We posted on our Facebook page:

How important is it to you to be prepared for all environments (i.e. woods, flat lands, wetlands), or do you just know where you’ll “bug out” to and make sure you’re prepared for that specific environment?

Some comments we received:

Comment#1: Basic gear works for every environment. you can never expect to “bug out” to a certain location. at the end of the day, shit happens, and in a situation like that, I think it would be better to keep on the move then to try to bunker down and hide, because if you are spotted – you only become a bigger target. a non-moving target is always easier to hit than a moving target.

Comment#2: You should know how to survive in any terrain within a couple of hundred miles of your location.

Comment#3: I think to be prepared you need a local spot (for the famiy) a primary bug out spot, and then at least one alternate spot. And you should be familiar with all three.

Comment#4: The 6 most distinctive survival environments are wilderness, desert, ocean, urban, arctic and tropical. You would need a LOT of gear and a LOT of knowledge to be prepared for them all. Even the basics.

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