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Rucksack or a hikers pack?

Tyler Gelpi posted on our Facebook page:

“Question: Which is better for your bug out bag? A rucksack or a hikers pack?”

Some comments we received:

Comment#1: Yep… 3 day bag can be a typical backpack that goes with me everywhere. The longer the time the more you need. My 2 week bug out is my hikers pack. my month+ (im not coming back) is my hiker and my rucksack and is mostly for heavy objects/extra supplies that I wouldnt leave like rifles, shotguns, ammo, tools, mre’s ect…

Comment#2: I say hikers pack that is water proof …. some dry clothes would be nice if you end up out in the rain!

Comment#3: I have a big duffle bag with all sorts of stuff in it–it can go in the trunk or in the camper…INSIDE of that duffle is a backpack with a little less stuff in case I have to leave the vehicle I can just take the backpack….then inside of it there is also a pilot’s survival vest that I can remove if conditions make the pack too burdensome. This way I have the most items possible and then can progressively get down to just bare bones gear if the situation deteriorates further.

Comment#4: Some people could be fine with the contents of their pockets. Some could be fine with what they could fit in a gallon ziploc. Others…might need a pickup with a travel trailer. It is 100% about skill set, availability of materials,, environment and so on. There really is NO real “right” answer here.

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