Stealth Cabin

What do you think of this cabin? The windows fold down so it looks like a stack of wood.

See here for more photos (you can make the inside of yours look like whatever you want):


Commenter 1: “Great till someone walks over to take some of that wood & discovers a cabin…”

Commenter 2: “Hope someone sure of what they are shooting and what is behind the intended target doesn’t turn out to be a fake pile of wood.”

Commenter 3: “In addition to added wood piles and supports to make it see more like a “real” wood pile you could also leave it stationary and put a small basement and then cut the height of the over all pile. I could see this on the back half of my property hidden thick in the woods as an option if I was compromised but couldn’t completely leave the area yet.”

Commenter 4: “hidden in plain view”


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