SurvivalBlog on Fish Antibiotics

Good information? “Nothing in this article constitutes medical advice. It is for information purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. Fish antibiotics are not for human consumption. Never take any medication that was not prescribed specifically for you by your physician. Hopefully, this information can help you be a more informed and involved patient. Short of a true post-SHTF scenario, I strongly advise you not to self-diagnose and treat. (Health care professionals are especially notorious for doing this.)” We do sell them here at CampingSurvival

A Few Comments:

  • Fish antibiotics are not made from expired product. They are in fact produced at the same labs that you get your prescription drugs from.
  • It works, but not on serious infections like MRSA. Fish antibiotics are made from expired antibiotics that have lost potency. (Tetra fish products is the source of the info)
  • I think Tetra falls under United Pet Group but I’m not sure Thomas Labs does. I didn’t find anything under Thomas Labs to indicate that they use expired medicine. It looks to me like Camping Survival is selling Thomas Labs products.
  • Guilty I have a few. Mostly for Fungal infections and general infected wounds. If you eff up with the dosage it can really mess you up!
  • Great article, a lot of useful information and questions I had answered.

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