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Urban Survival Tips

We posted on our Facebook page:

Check out a fellow CS’ers tips. Feedback please? Helps us all learn and get the brain working in possibly different directions.

“Im no expert but 1 thing I did was went out and purchased 2 water beds, 1 in guest room and 1 in basement, both are full and each hold about 500 gallons of water, so I have 1000 gallons I can treat just in case…..

for urban survival, I keep a Get Home Bag in my car, with supplies geared towards getting me home, at the house I have a bug out bag geared for urban survival, and one for back woods travel….I keep a bug out plan in both bags, with ways to get out of Atlanta that dont involve major roads and crowded areas…I also keep a bug in plan, in case leaving isnt an option….store food, water, and medicine in house…

If all hell breaks out I’d say you need to have a few guns and alot of ammo, for starters. Then you’ll need some form of transportation, gas is going to run out real fast so I’d say something battary operated like a golf cart. That way you just have to go around collecting battarys out of all the out of gas vehicels. Now you should be set up for all the scavenging you’ll be doing to survive.”

Some comments we received:

Comment #1: Sounds good, but a golf cart doesn’t sound real practical. I’d skip the battery scavenging and just ride a horse.

Comment #2: There seems to be in the back of my mind some reason why a water bed is not a good place to get drinking water. Maybe additives required to keep bacterial down or algae at bay?

I have lived in Atlanta and that is no place to be when the li…ghts go out. Far too many people living on fast food, fast cars and fast money. I chose a very small town for many good reasons. Most people in my area are self sufficient or at least aware of the idea. Here there is room for big gardens, some wildlife that exist outside of bars, friends with guns who know how to shoot and know how to help a neighbor.

I don’t want to be where the masses know more about riot, loot and burn than they know about plow, harvest and preserve.

In short, your best chance of survival is to establish a home far from the big cities now while there is time to build relationships.

Comment #3: The waterbed isn’t going to work. I’ve had one. you have to put chemicals in it to keep it from getting gross inside. I doubt very much that you’ll be able to ingest that water, even if it’s filtered. interesting idea, though.

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