New and Improved website!

New and Improved website!

We Have Recently Launched Our New Website!!! www, Come check out our New and Improved website! We hope you are as excited as we are. Help [more…]
You’ll Never Guess Which City is the King of Urban Gardening

You’ll Never Guess Which City is the King of Urban Gardening

“Detroit’s community gardens now produce 200 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables per year, “
10% Off Dental Kits

10% Off Dental Kits  
I Tried To Cook Something From Scratch and Ended Up Summoning a Demon

I Tried To Cook Something From Scratch and Ended Up Summoning a Demon

  Top Facebook Comments: Was it a recipe for deviled eggs? Demons are hard to shove back in the pot too! A common problem…but still [more…]
Heart of the Tree

Heart of the Tree

Top Facebook Comments: What is it? The heart of the tree. So cool!!      

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  • the-sawyer-mini-water-filter

    Sawyer mini water filter

    05/30/2015…/the-sawyer-mini-water-filt…/     Top Facebook Comments: Sawyer makes the best to date!!

  • Hippo in the water


    Hungry Hungry Hippo!   Top Facebook Comments: How do they move so fast under water?! Is it running on [more…]

  • 11012472_755967324500691_5868852511741013163_n

    Going to work instead of the woods


      Top Facebook Comments: Every frickin’ day yep! I’ve seen that face many of times

  • 10916353_755994261164664_4916575074852915189_o

    Camping in the woods


    A friend sent us this image from his weekend in the woods with his family.

  • Dogs in the river and canoe


    ttps://   Top Facebook Comments: I believe the dog is being used for training purposes? Can’t those men swim? [more…]

  • deercrossing

    Funny Animal signs

    05/28/2015…/9-funny-animal-signs-you-have-to-s…     Top Facebook Comments: Well…it makes you notice them anyway, lol. I’m gonna need a bigger Blow [more…]

  • Romaine-Lettuce

    Regrow Kitchen Scraps

    05/27/2015…/     Top Facebook Comments: avocado seeds work great too It works too- these two baby pineapples may [more…]

  • Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit



  • 11079373_10152606062241511_5354325302094156961_n

    Annie Oakley quote


      Top Facebook Comments: I’d like to be around a woman like that! An icon, swept under the rug.

  • 101



    Need one?…/49-state-legal-personal-flameth…/…   Top Facebook Comments: I want one. Mount it on the back of my Harley to keep [more…]

  • 11080991_10152605852431511_9185074298704477042_n

    Dumb things I did camping..note to self


    Ha! From a fellow CampingSurvival fan. Have you done this?   Top Facebook Comments: well they do make instant [more…]

  • Bear Stalks Man


      Top Facebook Comments: why was he walkin around in bear country without a firearm? Going into woods = [more…]

  • Small Cabin


    Small but perfect?…/small-but-perf…/   Top Facebook Comments: As long as there there are trees around, you just need four [more…]

  • Metal of Honor Recipient on Ltterman


    Top Facebook Comments: An American hero

  • 13023_10152603012031511_5014392472006553438_n

    Smell of campfires


    A CampingSurvival spin on a quote from which famous movie by what famous actor?     Top Facebook Comments: [more…]

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  • Clever Dogs

    05/21/2015   Top Facebook Comments: You can tell the dogs aren’t starved, they have shade from the sun, and [more…]

  • Toilet paper the correct way


    Now we know!…/toilet-paper-actually-goes-…     Top Facebook Comments: Hey Dad! I was right! Better than a hand full…. Uhh [more…]